Ella May Wallace Young - 1875-1967

Helen and Albert Levy - my parents - ready for a Christmas dance at the Wardroom (probably HMCS Stadacona) back in the 1950s. My father retired eventually as a Lt.-Commander, RCN Reserve, and went back to college. He and my mother both graduated from Acadia University, as did I, and all of us later taught school.

O'Connor-Cadillac Gold Mines Limited (Montreal) - Signed Sept. 27, 1928 (100 shares)



My grandfather and great-uncle, Arthur Young and Edward Wallace, were enthusiastic investors in all sorts of schemes - espcially mines, oil stocks and greyhound tracks (Uncle Ed's specialty). From my grandmother, Ella May (Wallace) Young and my mother, Helen (Young) Levy, I heard a great deal about these various investments. Eventually, I inherited a collection of old certificates and find them fascinating, both for their historical connections and their art work.

If anyone reading this has information about stock certificates presented on these pages, I would love to hear from you. I will continue to add more photos to this group until I run out! Please check for updates.

Arthur Young and Edward Wallace, both of Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Eastern Consolidated Oil Company (signed Nov. 1, 1902) - located in Maine (30 shares)


Detail of Eastern Consolidated Art

Gold Frontier Mines Limited (Ontario) - Signed Aug. 11, 1942 (150 shares)

Spondo Mining and Milling Company Limited (Nova Scotia) - Signed Oct. 1, 1903 (20 shares)

Sunshine Kennel Club, Inc. (Florida) - Oct. 26, 1932  (100 shares)

Uncle Ed wintered in Florida and involved himself in wheeling and dealing related to dog racing. I have several letters and other original documents to this effect - interesting!

Uncle Ed on a beach in Florida, date unknown but probably in the 1920s.

J-M Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited (Ontario) - Signed Dec. 7, 1938 (12 shares)

The date interested me because within a year, all would change as the world plunged into war. I often wonder what happened to many of these old mines during that period.

Ox-bow Silver Mining Co. Limited (Ontario) - Signed Dec. 3, 1948 (100 shares)

This one is made out to "B. Winter", which is unusual. On the back, there is a signed transfer to my grandmother. It's also worth noting that this is a silver mine, since most of the others involve gold or oil. 

Pan Extension Gold Mines Company Limited (Manitoba) - Signed March 2, 1921 (100 shares) - Very nice artwork on this one.

Detail of Pan Extension Art