Greetings from Mahone, NS - interesting to note it wasn't called Mahone Bay at that time (1908). Sent to EE Wallace by LBV.

A Token of Affection - sent to Ella by Mabel Schnare, Lunenburg, 1908

Valentine card sent to Sarah Wallace by Minnie, 1908

New Year's Dec. 29/07 - sent to Ed from Ella

New Year's card, Dec 31/07 - to Edward Wallace

Interesting 1908 card of 25 US Presidents, gold-embossed, sent from NYC by Ella to her mother


Art Deco(rative) - Sentimental and Sweet

The plan is to include mainly decorative cards here. Many commemorate special occasions; for all of them, the focus is on art work rather than scenery. What intrigues me is how many were sent by my grandmother, Ella, from places as varied as Lunenburg, Maine, Massacusetts and New York. Some were also addressed to her in these locations. She must have travelled and visited there often. These are among my personal favourites. Enjoy!


Easter Angels

Another Lovely Easter Card! The egg is real satin.

The Star of David motif is a reminder of Christ's origins.

Card sent to Ella Wallace in 1908 from her cousins Marion and Malcolm Wallace; it is addressed to her at Morningside Drive, NYC

With Kindest regards, silver embossed and quite lovely. This was sent to Mrs. Thomas Wallace in Wolfville from Ella, her daughter, in New York - around 1900

Valentine, compliments of J E S - sent to Ella in 1907; the cupid is embossed

Card sent to Ella (obviously) by Gabriel Emeno in 1907

Card sent to Sarah Wallace, 1907 - from Mass. with initials L.E.B.

Sent to Ella in Lunenburg, 1907

A rather harried-looking George Washington and Martha Custis (Raphael Tuck & Sons, 'George Washington's Birthday')

Sent as a New Year's card by Mr & Mrs Jas. Smith, Lunenburg to Mrs Thomas Wallace in January, 1906 - Blackfoot Indian Ceremony, Canadian North-west

Delightful bit of personal history here! This card was sent by EE (Ed) Wallace to his sister Ella in New York, where she was visiting Mrs. Charles Gibson. He asks her to buy him a waterproof linen collar, made by the Fiberloid Co. at 7 and 9 Waverly Place. I suppose this company is long gone.

Card trimmed with raised 'glitter' lettering. Sent by SA Parker to Ella circa 1908

Easter Card sent to Sarah Wallace from New York, 1907