Lovely Greeting Card, sent to Ella in July, 1907

New Year's Card, 1907

An Easter card from Annie Balcom, Paradise, 1906

The mother of all Easter cards - it even has a satin egg! The cupids seem rather incongruous, though. March 27, 1907 - sent to Ella from Lunenburg

The Next Postcard Instalment

As you browse through these cards, you may notice that the colour varies from a greyish to yellowish cast. The former results from natural lighting, the latter from indoor lighting. Most of the original whiteness is now a muted, pale ivory which in my opinion, serves to enhance the effect of age and nostalgia.

I've limited my efforts to Canadian images thus far, but have numerous cards with US and European scenes also and will probably add them in due course, in their own section.

I have also added a slideshow at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Government Experimental Farm & Agricultural College, Truro, NS - 1907

Sally Port at Annapolis Royal, 1905


Dargie's Mill, Lequille, Annapolis County - 1906

Covered Bridge over Annapolis River at Paradise, circa 1907

Annapolis River, Lawrencetown - 1906

Annapolis Valley apple blossoms near Kentville, 1907

Bridgewater, LaHave River (1907) Card addressed to Mrs. Thomas Wallace, Wolfville

Message reads: Paradise, Nov. 6th 1907 - Dear Grandma: How are you and everybody. Malcolm and I are good and well. Going out to tea tonight. Caught just a glimpse of Aunt Ella. Love to Papa, Uncle Ed & yourself. - Marion (This would have been Marion Wallace, later Dawes)

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