Evangeline - heroine of the Longfellow poem set in Grand Pre near Wolfville

Reverse of Evangeline postcard, sent in 1907 by "a." whom I assume was Arthur. It made reference to a local "play" version of the Evangeline story being held in Kentville. My still-unmarried grandmother was visitng her Smith cousins in Lunenburg at the time. This is the same family that co-owned Smith & Rhuland shipyard and built the Bluenose racing schooner.


"Weather report - close and muggy." A loving couple lends this card a comic touch. It was sent in May, 1907 from Massachusetts to Ella Wallace by "Euna".

Season's Greetings - date illegible but probably circa 1907.

Old Postcards and Ephemera

I have two full albums of cards left by Ella Wallace Young. Most are nearing the century mark, or even older. They're fascinating and offer views of bygone communities, scenes and people, many now lost to history. These cards are in such excellent condition that the messages can be read as clearly as if they were received yesterday and I will include a few of them. Ella travelled widely for a woman of her day, and had friends or relatives scattered from New England to Florida, so the cards span a fair distance and originate from several different senders. Those sent to her brother, Edward, and to her husband, Arthur, are also included. It would take me a very long time to photograph and organize all of them on this site but I'll do what I can and no doubt, keep adding. If you enjoy these, please come back from time to time as I update the pages. - Brenda


"Two Up and One to Play" - many cards from this era were humorous and quite cleverly done. Here, the ornery bull has treed two golfers. Card was sent to Edward from Ella Wallace April 25, 1907. She was in Lunenburg and he in Wolfville (see reverse, at top). She asked him to be sure to meet her train when she returned home that Saturday.

Chester - from "Minnie", 1907

Lunenburg Back Harbour- 1907

Lunenburg Court House & Presbyterian Church (some reflection from my flash!) - 1907

Mahone Bay, NS from Mush-a-Mush River- 1907

MacDonald Consolidated School, Middleton, NS - now used as a museum - 1907