Under the overcast sky

Calla lilies beside the water

Frequent pond visitors are like emeralds over the water.

Pool beside walkway

Pondside flora

A solitary frog in my little pool

Water lily "Attraction"

Koi for the newest pond! I feel godlike ... as of Oct. 10, I've added 17 fish.

Pond and Pool

In 2005, I had my first pond dug, lined it myself and began the arduous process of arranging rocks around the edge, planting perennials and aquatics, acquiring mechanical devices such as a pump and filter, and getting fish (mostly shubunkin goldfish).  Talk about a backache!  I also dug a small pool beside the pathway near the house. This is a labour-intensive form of gardening but I certainly enjoy it, and hope you'll like the photos. They were taken in Pleasant Valley, where I no longer reside, but I do get to visit often! Current plans include a new pond this summer (2010), perhaps hand-dug.


June, 2006

Blue flag irises (iris pseudacorus) transplanted from the wild

Ordinary daisies


Shubunkins in smaller pool near the house (now given over to young koi)

Okay, fish, I know you're in there!

Mmmm, those fish were good! (not really, but a guy can dream ...)


Stella d'Oro daylily. These do well in moist areas.

A baby hummingbird surveys the pond from a crocosmia raceme.

pond on August 19/06 ...

Exciting development! The small pond was such fun, I decided to get a huge one. I had to save up a lot of pennies, though.


The water seeps slowly into the newly-dug depression. The total area in and around the pond is about 1 1/2 acres. The pond itself is 12 feet deep at this end.

Twelve days later, the water level has risen considerably.

Looking south on October 3.

Looking north, October 3. How quickly the land recovers! Of course, the grass seed helps.

The Zen of a new garden. Pagoda is actually a solar light. Still on Oct. 3.

summer 2007 - koi have grown nicely!

vegetation is maturing too

a stunning water lily