My Photo Sampler

Although I love scenic shots and occasionally take some that I can at least tolerate, my true specialty is macros and closeups, especially of wildlife. I spend hours sometimes just trying to capture a specific individual in its habitat. I use three different Olympus cameras to do this, and choose the appropriate camera depending on the situation. Many of my images come from the gardens, pond area and banks of the Annis River where I lived for some years. I'll add new ones and replace others from time to time. Thanks for looking at my mini-gallery; you can find more of my work on Webshots (faranya100). You can also visit my other site, which is entirely devoted to photography.

... a tiny dragonfly with early-morning dew on his wings - taken November 9, 2008

First shot taken with my Olympus C8080, which I still use for its remarkable colors and excellent macros.

Three bees gather pollen from a summer poppy. Another C8080 shot.

This was taken with my old Olympus C5050 but I still love what that camera can do with macros.

I especially love hummingbirds! Taken with an E-510 DSLR.

This tiny redpoll was dying in the snow but wouldn't allow me to pick him up; when I approached, he fluttered away and eventually vanished into the twilight. I felt very sad for him, so cold and alone.

Crab spider (female) lurks behind a sunflower. These tiny spiders catch live prey and paralyze it with toxins, but don't make webs. They can change from white to yellow as a camouflage, but this one hasn't yet done so.

This is a toad lily (tricyrtis) with its beads of nectar. They prefer dampness and semi-shaded conditions.

I liked the softness of this one - an early DSLR goldfinch study. 

... a juvenile osprey, September 2008