Burgundy tulips near my pond.

Peach blossoms; this is a fruit-growing area.

My rabbit in her outdoor playground.

Dahlia and friend

Irises in mid-Seotemeber - long past their normal blooking period.


My Yarmouth County Garden

These shots were taken when I lived in Pleasant Valley, about 12 km from my current home where I've moved fairly recently. From time to time, I return to my old gardens and revisit them through photography. As my newer plantings mature here in Gavelton, I'll add more shots to my collections. I hope you enjoy this little tour.

We are located in Zone 6b, which is much milder than one might expect from our latitude. The Gulf Stream influences our climate and permits the growth of species not normally found this far north. Winters aren't terribly severe; we get snow, but not often in any quantity. Bad roads and school cancellations result mainly from high winds off the ocean, that whip any snowfall into drifts across the roads. Summers here are generally quite dry, and a lingering autumn is our most comfortable season of all.

Please note: I have dozens of garden photos, as well as other pictures, in albums on Webshots. These are in much larger format and can be downloaded easily or even made into screensavers. Visit www.webshots.com and search for faranya100, which is my username there. Don't forget to sign my guestbook, as I always find it interesting to know who's viewing my work. I've added slideshows to this page so you can access some of these albums directly.

Welcome to my gardens, regardless of their locations! - Brenda

Dicentra Spectabilis (bleeding heart)

Orange tulips ... I planted these on a whim, and was stunned by their vivid beauty.

Rembrandt tulips, always a favourite

Nepeta - catnip - in bloom


waterlily tulips


Early spring pond, before vegetation takes over.

One of several frogs in residence.

Bottoms up!!

bicolour primula

Red Weigela, a hummingbird's delight.


Grey skies and double columbines

Rhododenron - these grow very well in our climate.

Waterlilies on my koi pond. Note tiny frog at upper left.


Am I beautiful? A newly-fledged hummer baby admires herself in my window-glass.